[Samba] XP doesn't logoff from samba domain

Mal Beaton mal at mbeaton.id.au
Fri May 23 22:10:58 GMT 2003

try in smb.conf

deadtime = 1

we had similar problem but also causes major problems when you rebooted 
the pc. wouldnt find roaming profiles.

the above fixed it

Honza Houstek wrote:
> PDC: Samba 2.2.8a on linux 2.4.20 + XFS + ACL, rather normal configuration.
> Client: Win XP Pro
> When user logon to Domain, I can see him (smbstatus, utmpx). But when he
> logoff, the record is still there. It disappears when I reboot the XP.
> According to M$ knowledge-base the problem is that samba doesn't handle
> the logoff correctly.
> Do you have any solution of this?
> -- Honza Houstek



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