[Samba] Net bios Look ups

David Morel david.morel at amakuru.net
Thu May 22 18:27:59 GMT 2003

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Paul Kraus wrote:
| For some reason all of my Linux servers all of a sudden can't look up
| net bios names.
| Everything has been working great for months.
| If I do an smbclient -L ipaddress on any of them they all can see the
| master browser and show its name in the output.
| But if I try and do an smbclient -L systemname it immediately dumps out
| to the internet and tries to resolve the name using DNS.
| This of course does not work.
| I have many scripts that rely on mount -t smbfs that no longer work
| because they can not resolve the names. My internal network is all dhcp
| assigned addresses so that I can not hard code. I should not have to any
| ways.
| This is on all of the servers not just one. I am really at a loss and
| its driving me nuts. Going on day 7 of trying to figure this out. It has
| to be something stupid. Something I am over looking. I posted something
| similar a couple of days ago and didn't get one response. I have to
| resolve this. This is the reason my employer didn't want me going the
| Linux route. I talked them into it but I have to have resolution ASAP.
| Please any assistance would be very appreciated.
| Paul

is a wins server active ? or are name resolutions done by broadcast ?

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