[Samba] share access (winbind)

chris Bouchet duc_zergouille at yahoo.fr
Wed May 21 09:49:22 GMT 2003

hello users!
(i finally succeed to ping winbind .... i think it was due to my password cos i don't know what else i've done to make it work)
but now i've got another problem. i cant ping, secret is good, i can do getent passwd, wbinfo -a user%pass , this says me if the auth succeed or not ...
well in samba, ive made a share like this :
 path= /usr
 valid users = pitie
user pitie is a domain user. he has no account in /etc/passwd .
he s pass is "pitie"
when a do a wbinfo pitie%pitie if works
but when the user pitie log onto the domain, he is prompt for a login pass to access this share and his login/pass 
dont work ...
why ?
thanks :-)

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