[Samba] backup domain controller

Andreas Baer abaer at le-gobw.de
Wed May 21 09:19:08 GMT 2003

hi there,

my name is andreas,
i am working on a company as an administrator for the local network 
which uses win2000-clients and unix/linux-servers in one domain.

at the moment we have only one primary domain controller, which is
the samba implementation for domain logons. samba works fine and there
are no problems in it`s use,
but the problem is that we have a "outpost" of our company in a 
different city. the clients from there are also connected to the
samba-pdc which is at our location. this brings the need of a instant
internet connection to send the request for domain logons or for the
transfer of home directories for example.

now to our problem,

in one short sentence:
we want to build up one or more backup domain controller for reducing 
traffic and costs for the company.

one location of a bdc would be for example this "outpost".
to solve this problem without microsoft-licences for use of domain
controllers, i searched the internet for a solution.
but it was very hard to find something about samba for use as a backup
domain controller, because this function isn`t really implemented.

my questions are for now:

   - is there a chance to get samba work as a backup domain
     controller, especially for the problem i write above?

   - if yes, where can i find some really good explainations and
     howto`s for the solution of this problem?

   - if no, is there a chance that the next releases of samba will
     have such an implementation, maybe version 3.x.x or earlier?

   - a little help would be to explain the problem of the backup
     domain controller in use with samba from the sight of a samba

we really have to find a solution for our company`s network
thanks for any reply and sorry, but my english is not the best. :)

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