[Samba] MAX_DEBUG_LEVEL for 2.0.10a?

Thomas Bork tombork at web.de
Thu May 15 00:31:39 GMT 2003

Hallo Andrew Bartlett,

> If you want to stay with 2.0.10a, there is the security-rollup-fix
> available from the samba.org website.  This applies to 2.0.10, as
> as 2.2.8.

sorry, but this was not the question. The question is in the subject of
this mail  ;)

I wrote:
In which version MAX_DEBUG_LEVEL in local.h and debug.h is available
(not in 2.2.8a and not in 2.0.10a)?
I want to get smaller binaries for the router system fli4l (router on a
floppy) with reducing the amount of debugging informations.
I have to use on of the above versions due last security fixes. I would
prefere 2.0.10a, because it is smaller as 2.2.8a and has functionality
enough for fli4l but as the subject stated:

There is no define for this in this version and I'm not so an expert to
add the nessary stuff in local.h and debug.h myself. I added

/* the maximum debug level to compile into the code. This assumes a
   optimising compiler that can remove unused code
   for embedded or low-memory systems set this to a value like 2 to get
   only important messages. This gives *much* smaller binaries

to local.h but without proper changings in debug.h this is not enough
(no smaller binaries).
Is anybody here, how can help me without breaking the security fix?

I know, stripping with

strip -R .comment -R .note

will produce smaller binaries but they are not small enough...

And then:
hhmm. Seemed only available in samba 3  :(
Think it is a hard work to change debug.c and smb.h from 2.0.10a to fit
my needs (debug.h don't exists in 2.0.10a)?

The new version of fli4l comes with kernel 2.4.20 and uclibc.
Configuring newer samba versions with uclibc and MAX_DEBUG_LEVEL is not
possible (checking for test routines... configure: error: cant find
test code. Aborting config) due uclibc.
2.0.10a without MAX_DEBUG_LEVEL is to big for floppy. So I have to use
the old (with uclibc working) samba version 1.9.18p10 - without
security fix  :(

Thanks for your help
der tom

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