[Samba] MAX_DEBUG_LEVEL for 2.0.10a?

Thomas Bork tombork at web.de
Wed May 14 21:52:06 GMT 2003

Hi @all,

in which version MAX_DEBUG_LEVEL in local.h and debug.h is available
(not in 2.2.8a and not in 2.0.10a)?
I want to get smaller binaries for the router system fli4l (router on a
floppy) with reducing the amount of debugging informations.
I have to use on of the above versions due last security fixes. I would
prefere 2.0.10a, because it is smaller as 2.2.8a and has functionality
enough for fli4l but as the subject stated:

There is no define for this in this version and I'm not so an expert to
add the nessary stuff in local.h and debug.h myself. I added

/* the maximum debug level to compile into the code. This assumes a
   optimising compiler that can remove unused code
   for embedded or low-memory systems set this to a value like 2 to get
   only important messages. This gives *much* smaller binaries

to local.h but without proper changings in debug.h this is not enough
(no smaller binaries).
Is anybody here, how can help me without breaking the security fix?

I know, stripping with

strip -R .comment -R .note

will produce smaller binaries but they are not small enough...

Thanks for your help
der tom

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