[Samba] Trying to migrate from NT4 to Samba3

Florencio Queiroz florencio at bmnet.com.br
Tue May 13 20:22:51 GMT 2003


I am following the Samba Project Documentation, and on Chapter 31.1.2 page
192, the author asks to
1. Create a BDC account for the samba using the NT Server Manager  (OK)
on number 2, I supose that the command is to be fired on Samba server, he
asks to fire
rpcclient NT4PDC -U Administrator%passwd

I do not found rpccliente by found rpcclient3 and the lsaquery  command

domain TEXTIL has sid S-1-5-21-1452360386-1414231457-1539857752

On Step 3 I have

net getsid -S NT4PDC -w DOMNAME -U Administrator%passwd

The subcommand getsid of net is invalid, I have getlocalsid but not GETSID.
The net command do not recognize it.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance

Florencio Queiroz
Suporte em TI

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