[Samba] Re: access to samba dir's without acl

kenneth.westelinck at pandora.be kenneth.westelinck at pandora.be
Mon May 12 09:32:00 GMT 2003

>> how do I manipulate the samba filesystem to insure that only some users
>> access to dir's while others do NOT.
>> example.... I have a list on "domain admins" that I want to allow access
>> particular dir on the samba filesystem
>> how do I insure that only the "domain admins" are allowed in ?
You'll need to give group access to the directory and everything underneath. Maybe setting the set gid bit to ensure that all files in the directory have group permission when being created (chmod 2770).

>> I understand that I need to change group perms for the dir in question but
>> is there a tool that allows me to do this quickly ?
chmod -R
chgrp -R

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