[Samba] access to samba dir's without acl's

ipguy ipguy at optushome.com.au
Sat May 10 00:44:23 GMT 2003

hi all
I have a stupid newbie question...
but some background first.
I compiled samba "--with-utmp --with-msdfs --with-winbind" as a domain
member server to migrate our file server from NT
the samba server was joined to the domain
winbind is working as expected, authenticating users via the PDC (NT4)
I have created some folders on the Linux filesystem with "chmod 777" access.
the domain users can transparently log into the samber server and access the
so here is my question....
how do I manipulate the samba filesystem to insure that only some users have
access to dir's while others do NOT.
example.... I have a list on "domain admins" that I want to allow access to
particular dir on the samba filesystem
how do I insure that only the "domain admins" are allowed in ?
I understand that I need to change group perms for the dir in question but
is there a tool that allows me to do this quickly ?
please keep in mind that I do not have ACL support.


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