[Samba] Password syncing

Doug Curtis doug.curtis at world-mail.org
Fri May 9 12:07:23 GMT 2003

Ok, this has probably been asked 1000 times before but what is the variable 
to put in the password chat to send the old (or current) password?  I 
thought it was %o but that just seems to pass "%o" to the passwd command 
instead of the actual password.



At 09:17 AM 5/8/2003 +0200, NSC - NetworkServiceCenter wrote:
>hi doug,
> > I also have successfully configured Samba to change the samba password
> > from  the windows client (using the change password feature in
> > Ctrl-Alt-Del).  The only way I could get the password change from the
> > client to work was to set "unix password sync = no" but I would like
> > the  functionality of this, so that when a user changes their samba
> > password  from the client, it changes both of the passwords.
> >
> > Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this?
>maybe your passwordchat crashes! -> try to write a little shellscript that
>asks you for the password and writes this in a file. use this script as
>passwordprogramm and turn on sync. if passwordchange works now and in your
>file is the new pwd, you know definitively that the string you defined at
>passwordchat is not the same as the expected one of your passwordprogramm.
>suggestion 1:
>try to get your chat and pwdprogramm work together - look out: each
>character and also carriage return must be set
>suggestion 2:
>if your shellscript works use it ;-)
>let your script call the passwordprogramm!!!
>thomas reisenbichler

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