[Samba] PDC Help

Fisher, Michael L fisherml at BATTELLE.ORG
Wed May 7 23:39:35 GMT 2003

I have been running Samba 2.2.5 as a PDC on my Red Hat 8.0 box since
December. I have 2 Win98 boxes being served and a XP home box that uses
Samba to access a printer on the linux box.

Last week I added another ethernet card and a cable modem to adelphia.net
(local broadband provider in central Ohio). Since bringing that net up
online the Samba PDC no longer works. The smaba subnet ( works
fine. I can see all of the other machines, ping is successful etc. I can
even ping the linux box from the windows boxes. However, whenever I try to
log on to the workgroup I get a domain server not found error. 

I am at a loss on where to look for the problem. Can anybody please help?


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