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> On Mon, 5 May 2003, Collins, Kevin wrote:
>>> We're about to start migrating from Windows NT 4.0 to a Samba controlled
>>> setup.  I've got a question about the functionality of the Samba
PDCs and
>>> BDCs.
>>> In my Windows setup I have three domains that are defined by geographic
>>> locations.  Each of these domains "trusts" the other.  In Samba 2.2.7, I
>>> can't have the trusts, so I'm looking at creating one giant domain
that will
>>> be comprised of one Samba PDC and two Samba BDCs.  These domains
are/will be
>>> separated with IP subnets, WAN lines and routers.
>>> My question is, in one of the remote locations (which will house a
BDC) will
>>> the local BDC be the main authentication source?  Or will the
request get
>>> forwarded to the PDC?
> That depends on how you configure the BDC setup. You can keep all
> authentication local. You can use LDAP and let LDAP do the replication of
> the user accounts database.

This is one aspect that isn't really covered in sufficient detail in any
of the currently available documentation, so I have covered it in this
article (which is not quite finished and not in it's final location):


The content of this document is complete, I am currently fixing up the
wording etc, cleaning sample config files and finalising references, so
it should be accurate enough to use. Feedback welcome.

(JHT, I don't think I will have time to cover samba3, but the
replication setup, which constitutes a large part of the document, and
is not covered anywhere else, may be of value for the samba3 docs, and I
think it is complete. Let me know if you want sample configs also).

>>> I know in Windows the request would be kept local, but I want to
make sure
>>> that they will remain so in the Samba world too.  These offices are
>>> connected only by 128k Frame Relay lines and I'd hate for every
>>> authentication request to be sent down those slow lines.

If you run samba against a slave LDAP server, you will only have
replication traffic from the master to the slave, and password changes.

BTW, you will want samba-2.2.8a for this, since 2.2.8 was the first
release to have working LDAP referrals (allowing password changing when
the local LDAP is a slave, by rebinding to the server returned by the
referral), without which BDC's don't really work.


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