[Samba] can smbmount to another Linux but not to NT

Ken Walker ken.walker at textiles.umist.ac.uk
Tue May 6 11:50:43 GMT 2003

I have LM8.2 and samba 2.2.3.

When i set up the LM machines i could mount shares on NT machines. But no

I can smbmount to another Linux machine with no problems, but I can no
longer smbmount to any NT machine. Even though i have valid identical
accounts on both the LM and NT machines 

Looking at the logs from the NT machines, i get wrong or malformed password,
from the LM machine I get NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED from the log section of

I could previously smbmount to those machines but now I can't. must admit
I've installed several programs since I could, but none to my recollection
concerning networking.

What bugs me is the fact that Linux samba is set for encrypted passwords and
I have no problem smbmounting to other Linux machines. But NT will not let
me in.

I could print to the NT machines before but now I can't.

One of the machines is a dual boot for LM8.2 and ME ( not my doing, the ME
bit ), but ME will give me access to shares on any NT machine I have an
account on but samba won't.

Could someone advise me as to how to go about debugging this problem.

many thanks


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