[Samba] New Printing Howto collection is soooo good!!! (I learn a lot from theory)

John H Terpstra jht at samba.org
Tue May 6 00:45:13 GMT 2003

On Mon, 5 May 2003, LinuxNewbie wrote:

> Hi, I must say that i admire very much the printing documentation
> written by one of your samba team. I wish every documentations is like
> this!  -- It explains to a newbie like me what I need to know. It is

Well thenk you. I presume you are referring to the
Samba-HOWTO-Collection.pdf that is still in development. You can get an up
to date (still work in progress) copy from:


I am still working on this, currently revising what is now chapter 4. It
has grown even further (about 239 pages).

> amazing: i read it and in my head a few questions start to go round. I
> read 1 page more and the questions are answered. It is not good that the
> other documentation pages of the howto collections are not do good. I
> have seen it has increased its size very big. The PDFs have now 200 page
> or more. I read about Kerberos and don't understand. I read about print
> and do understand. Why is the new print pages not in the PDF.

Kurt Pfiefle's new update to the printing section will be added as soon as
I receive them in XML format. Kurt is working with us on this.

> Why can you not teach Kerberos like you teach print?

We can and will, but your feedback is a little sharp and unfriendly.

The documentation has grown from 88 pages (samba-2.2.x) to over 239 pages.
I have labored hard for 2 months to get it to where it is. I am not being
paid while I work on this, and I do appreciate the encouragement I have
received from some kind folks.

You seem to expect more from me! Sorry, this work will happen as fast
and as comprehensively as I can.

> Why can you not teach LDAP? I read LDAP but dont understood.

The HOWTO is about Samba - it is not meant to be a definitive tutorial on
LDAP and it will NOT be that. There are other resources you can refer to
on LDAP.

> Yes you written "do this - do that" on Ldap but I still dont understand.
> But my head is spinning.

This will not be a book on LDAP, if you need to learn about LDAP there are
other references (like the openLDAP manual) that are better suited to this

> From many new things I read I do not understand what you mean: Pam,
> nsswitch, mySQL? xml and TDB? (no not TDB. this is explains in print
> HowTO document, what it is. But how must I configuration TDB for user
> data?)

As I said above, this is a work in progress. That means it is NOT
finished. It will be competed before Samba-3 ships. Please be patient.

> Can you explain more better? Please, please, please. We new Samba fans
> and Linuxfriends must learn more from it. But you must be good teachers
> because the lessons are heavy. How have you learned?

I will gladly accet your patches to the documentation. It is all in the
Samba 3.0.0 CVS tree. Please, please give me your patches. If you can not
send me your patche I will accept contributions and updates in any form in
which you wish to produce them.

> I think it is very good software from you to make SAmba. It has makes my
> old LInux 8.0 working with my Windows 95. But i have now new computers
> (1 computer and 1 laptop) got.  I have new operation systems installed
> and Samba works not more.

Well, you will need to learn more to fix that. Hopefully the new
documentation (when it is finished) will help you.

> I have windows XP home and Linux 8,2. Can they make Samba?  I can not.
> But my Cups print now works like a dream. From reading Samba print
> dokuments (new).  But only prints with Linux 8.2, not with Windows with
> samba to Linux 82. I can print fotos and they are good. The fotos are
> better from Linux 8.2 as from XP.
>  Not big difference but XP is not so good prints on photo paper. Linux
> is half so speed -- this is not so good. I burn CD on XP with foto and
> do CD in my Linux and print. Please learm me how Samba can make my fotos
> come through my cabel from windows to Linux.

I do not expect that a Samba HOWTO will be sufficient for you to solve all
these issues.

> Thank you very much. Have a nice day. Have a lot of fun. Enjoy.
> LinuxNewbie

- John T.
John H Terpstra
Email: jht at samba.org

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