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Kurt Pfeifle kpfeifle at danka.de
Mon May 5 22:23:26 GMT 2003

John H Terpstra jht at samba.org wrote on Samba-Digest:

> Mon May 5 17:51:44 GMT 2003
> Scott,
> The following may help you a bit:
> 	http://samba.org/~jht/NT4migration/Samba-HOWTO-Collection.pdf

This has still most the *old* version of the printing docu included, and
hardly anything from the new stuff. Believe me, the new stuff is *much*
better, more complete and spiced with more examples.

> Enjoy!
> PS: This is a work in progress and it is being added to/editted on a daily
> basis until Samba-3 ships. The printing information applies to
> samba-2.2.8a (current stable version) also.

Hey, John....

... you are selling sour lemons here...  ;-)

No, the *current* development state of the printing HOWTO chapter is
hosted on


(This is only temporarily until it is converted from HTML to Docbook/XML.
Then it will go into the document John named. I hope this will be within
the next 2 weeks or sooner.) Though it says it is for Samba 3.0, *most*
things apply to Samba-2.2.x...


> I'd appreciate your feedback on it.
> - John T.

On Mon, 5 May 2003, Scott Swaim wrote:

A friend of mine owns a print shop.  He has 3 Lanier printers

(models 2138, 5265, 5813) They are all LAN attached.  I would like

to set up a samba print server for these machines.  I have used samba

as strictly a PDC and file server.  I have nerver set up a printer in

Linux or in Samba.  I would like to be pointed in the right direction

in order to set this up.  Thanks in advanced for any information.

I have a custom built distribution on this system.  I can install

any printing solution (LPR, CUPOS, etc) that would be needed.  I would

like to know some of the advantages of each system.  The Lanier systems

support PS, PCL 5, and their own custom protocol.  I will be printing

from a W2k machine that is joined to a samba PDC.  the serving I would

like to set up would also be joined to this PDC.

Scott Swaim
scott at qualitycorps.com

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