[Samba] Print Server

Kurt Pfeifle kpfeifle at danka.de
Mon May 5 16:55:14 GMT 2003

Scott Swaim scott at qualitycorps.com wrote on Samba-Digest:

> Mon May 5 11:33:54 GMT 2003
> A friend of mine owns a print shop.  He has 3 Lanier printers 
 > (models 2138, 5265, 5813) They are all LAN attached.  I would like
 > to set up a samba print server for these machines.  I have used
 > samba as strictly a PDC and file server.  I have nerver set up
 > a printer in Linux or in Samba.

Hmmm.. then the docu mentioned below is *definitely* for you.

> I would like to be pointed in 
 > the right direction in order to set this up.  Thanks in advanced
 > for any information.

Please testdrive from our new Samba-HOWTO-Collection the latest
draft for the "printing chapters". It is at


Revisit it every couple of days -- there are still updates and
corrections going into it.

Please feedback to me any issues and topics that are not
clearly or suffciently dealt with.

> I have a custom built distribution on this system.  I can 
 > install any printing solution (LPR, CUPOS, etc) that would be
 > needed.  I would like to know some of the advantages of each
 > system.

CUPS. CUPS is what you want. (But don't listen to me. I am

> The Lanier systems support PS, PCL 5, and their own 
 > custom protocol.  I will be printing from a W2k machine that
 > is joined to a samba PDC.  the serving I would like to set up
 > would also be joined to this PDC.
> Scott Swaim
> scott at qualitycorps.com


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