[Samba] Adding computers to SAMBA/LDAP - SOLUTION

Lance Rathbone l.rathbone at imb.uq.edu.au
Sat May 3 06:50:55 GMT 2003

I appear to have solved my own problem. The scripts from IDEALX don't 
work as supplied

You need to edit smbldap_tools.pm, the function is add_samba_machine_mkntpwd
the variable  $tmpldif needs to include objectClass: person and sn: Anything

otherwise an LDAP error is generated and the account is not built completely.

Simple as!!!


>We are running samba 2.2.8a  as a PDC with openLDAP
>Using the tools that come from IDEALX we have created several 
>machine accounts Then we have attempted to join the windows domain 
>and login with varying results.
>One machine acts as expected and we can log in and out freely
>A second machine let's one user log in but if that user changes his 
>password, he like all the other users is told that his username and 
>password do not match.
>All other machines when we attempt to join the domain take a long 
>time (3-4 minutes) before telling us welcoming us to the domain. The 
>machine is rebooted and when a user tries to log into the domain 
>they are told the domain is not available.
>One point to not about this third group is that the machine is not 
>issued with a valid password . The machines' LDAP records show
>Has anyone got any idea what might be going on?
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