[Samba] Version 0.81beta4 of Printing Chapter for Samba 3.0 HOWTO Collection available

Kurt Pfeifle kpfeifle at danka.de
Sat May 3 07:01:44 GMT 2003

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the Draft for the Printing Chapter of the new Samba 3.0 HOWTO
Collection. is now updated to version 0.81beta4.It is available


A PDF version (for convenient printing) is also there.

Here is my Changelog:

   01-05-2003: corrected typos
               add a very lean smb.conf example
               work on other smb.conf examples
               how to use "testparm" to discover "hidden" settings
               how to set default driver values for all clients
               sketch out a logon script to install printers without user interaction

   02-05-2003: add paragraph about "tdbbackup"

   03-05-2003: extended explanation for adding drivers remotely (APW + rpcclient)
               added info about how to find out which driver files are required
               added info about how to get hold of the driver files
               added info about running "rpcclient adddriver|setdriver" manually

The Samba 3.0 HOWTO-Collection is due for publication alongside
the Samba 3.0 software release, probably sometime in May/June.
The complete collection of docus is already greatly enhanced and
extended, compared to the 2.2.x versions, and so is the printing

Please help further polish it: read it - use it - test its advices
& recipes - feed your suggestions back to me. This way you can
help to make the Samba Printing Documentation a better one. (You
may also learn a bit from it at no cost at all... ;-)

The most recent PDF version of the complete HOWTO Collection is
(until final release) available at


and also in the Samba HEAD CVS. (Note that this does *not* *yet*
include my Samba Printing HOWTO part....)

The printing draft contains 15 ASCII art flowcharts trying to to
clarify and explain various aspects of Windows --> Samba printing
and of CUPS printfile processing. However, I am not able to convert
this into something "nice". So here goes the call to all who are
willing and able to help out with their abilities to use one of the
Free Software drawing or graphic programs: Please provide some better
illustrations for this important documentation.


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