[Samba] Creating private shares

Devanesan sde at baba9.com
Thu May 1 15:51:20 GMT 2003


I am a beginner in Samba. I want to create private shares in the 
server(RedHat Linux) for individual users who are using Windows. I have 
placed the script listed below in the file "/etc/smb.conf"
and restarted samba. But the private share (example z:) is not appearing 
automatically when a
user logs on to his machine, while it is working manually when I click 
logon script = NETLOGON.BAT

comment = Network Logon Service
path = /usr/local/samba/netlogon
guest ok = yes
writable = no
share modes = no

comment = Login traking share
path = /usr/local/samba
root preexec = /usr/local/bin/netlogon.sh %u
root postexec = /usr/local/bin/netlogoff.sh %u
Kindly guide me where I am going wrong and please point me the exact steps 
needs to be followed.
Thanks in advance.


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