[Samba] Accessing a Redhat AS2.1 Samba Share from Windows 2K Domain

Scott_Collier at Dell.com Scott_Collier at Dell.com
Thu May 1 15:35:20 GMT 2003

I have joined the windows 2000 domain with:

smbpasswd -j boodle.local -r boodle0 -U administrator
And it joined successfully.
Here is my smb.conf file:


The goal is this:	I need to be able to access the Redhat Samba share
"scott" from a windows 2000 pro workstation that is a member of the Windows
2000 domain boodle.local.  I have done a testparm and it works.  
Should I be doing it this way, or should I be using services for unix?
I appreciate any help you can provide, please let me know if you need any
other documentation.

Thank You

Scott Collier
Dell Computer Corporation
1-800-289-3355 x69060

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