[Samba] What's the best method - probably simple

Jim Shaffer JimS at StanfieldOdell.com
Mon Mar 31 22:44:31 GMT 2003

this might be the blind leading the blind, but I think "restarting" samba
will simply cause it to reread the smb.conf.  It will not disconnect the
users.  I had a similar question last week.

Jim Shaffer

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Hi all,
	I'm testing out a pdf printer script I'm writing on a live samba
system. I modify the script, but my changes do not seem to show up when I
print. It seems like samba is caching the script. I do not want to restart
samba (I'm guessing that will disconnect people), but I want to force samba
to re-read the new script. I'm guessing I can HUP whatever smb process is
open for the printer, but I'm not real sure how to find it.


Christopher Barry
Manager of Information Systems
InfiniCon Systems

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