[Samba] DOS Properties Not Networkable?

Brian White bcwhite at precidia.com
Mon Mar 31 17:39:49 GMT 2003

> I think you need to make a short cut to the bat file.  I do not think that
> DOS executables ever store this info by default.  I have done this before.
> I think it's either just a short cut or a pif file.  You then specify the
> screen, memory and other setting via the shortcut which then references the
> oroginal exe file.

Thanks!  That did it.  I went looking all over for a Win98 "pif" editor
without ever realizing that creating a shortcut actually created one of
those files.  <sigh>


I'm still curious where my machine stores the information when I adjust
the properties on the batch file directly.  It is persistant and I don't
see any other files created.

I haven't tried rebooting... perhaps it's memory-resident only.

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