[Samba] Samba only reading primary NT groups - help please

Dufresne, Wm. Dean dedufresne at rpaworldwide.com
Mon Mar 31 15:25:51 GMT 2003

I have an NT4 PDC with about 40 users and 40 groups roughly.  I setup two
samba 2.2.7a file servers and am using winbindd
for authentication.

All users have primary group of Domain Users.  I want files that are rw by
marketing group:

drwxrwxr-x    3 "owner" "domain"+Marketing        4096 Mar 11 10:16

When I do this the "Marketing" group cannot access these directories because
it thinks they are only in "Domain Users".

getent passwd & getent group and all the winbindd checks are fine.

Please help?

Dean Dufresne
Retail Planning Associates
IT Technician
Office: (614)564-1000
Cell: (614)226-3926

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