[Samba] can't connect to a samba share with Windows XP

Matej Pfajfar Matej.Pfajfar at adacta.si
Mon Mar 31 15:18:07 GMT 2003

Hi all,

I am having problems with using XP Pro to connect to a samba share.

All I get from XP are repated dialogs asking for my username and password.

My linux box has been joined to the local windows domain.
I am using encrypted passwords and the security level is set to user.

If I set the log level to 10 I can see that LM and NT4 MD password checks failed on the challenge
returned by the XP machine. I can't see why - if I connect to the same share with smbclient, it goes through just fine.

I do not have the same password on the domain and the linux box. (having the same passwords in smbpasswd and passwd doesn't seem to matter
as the problem occurs just the same).

Any thoughts?

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