[Samba] Difficulty with Samba 2.2.8 and native CUPS PS drivers

David F. Severski davidski at deadheaven.com
Sun Mar 30 14:55:36 GMT 2003


First of all, thank you very much for your time and assistance here.  I greatly 
appreciate the effort.  Below are my results and some further information.

On Sun, Mar 30, 2003 at 12:14:01AM +0100, Kurt Pfeifle wrote:

> >I've recently attempted to convert from the Adobe PostScript drivers for 
> >my Canon BJC=2110 printer over to the native CUPS Windows PS drivers
> You can only do this if your CUPS version is sufficiently new.
> Check by reading "man cupsaddsma". Does it already relate to the
> CUPS PostScript drivers?

The cupsaddsmb man page does mention the native CUPS drivers.  Sorry, I should 
have specified the CUPS version previously.  This is CUPS 1.1.18 running on 
a FreeBSD 4.8-RC (STABLE) machine.  Samba is, again, 2.2.8 and is compiled with 
the Recycle and SSL options.  Samba, CUPS, and the supporting gimp-print 
systems were all compiled from source via the FreeBSD ports system.

> You might need to restart Samba to get it to work (if you have the printer
> "Canon_BJC", or any other, newly installed).

I've done a full stop of Samba, verifying that all smbd and nmbd processes have 
shut down, then restarted Samba.

> If this doesn't help, let root do a
>    "smbcontrol smbd debug 3"
> and then watch
>    "tail -f /var/log/samba/log.smbd"    (or appropriate path)
> while you try to connect to Samba from XP.

No luck there, I'm afraid.  In tests with two machines, both generated the 
error message about missing driver files, even though the properties of the 
connection show that a Windows NT/2000 driver is installed, and the CUPS 
native PS driver files are copied successfully into the Windows\System32\Spool\
Drivers tree.  Attached are two gzipped log files, smb-desktop.log and 

smb-desktop.log is an XP SP1 machine that is 
joined to the domain and logged in with an account that has write 
privileges to the print$ share.  The desktop had just been rebooted, logged 
in, the existing printer deleted, and the driver removed from the system 
via the Server Properties function.  No other printers or drivers were 

smb-laptop.log is an XP SP1 laptop that is not part of the domain.  From a 
command prompt, I connected to the print$ share as root before deleting the 
existing printer connection, removing the printer driver via Server 
Properties, then reconnected to the printer.
> Make sure the connection is as a user who can write to the [print$] share.
> Check which user you are from Samba's point of view, by asking for
>    "smbstatus"

Verified to be either root (for the laptop), or my privileged login account 
for the desktop.

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