[Samba] Samba from win2k client - "incorrect password or unknown username" error

James Wilford james at jwilford.co.uk
Sat Mar 29 18:46:21 GMT 2003


I've got an annoying little problem with Samba and Win2k. I installed a Win2k 
Pro client on the network and set it to use plain text passwords and join the 

The username and password of the user on the win2k box are the same as the 
account in /etc/passwd on the linux box. But after logging in, when trying to 
reconnect the mapped drives the windows box says:

"Incorrect password or unknown username for: \\linuxbox\share"

After typing in the password (the same password as just entered to log into 
windows) the box can access the mapped drives with no problems. Has anyone 
else seen this? Its not like I can't access the shares, its just I have to 
put in the password again after logging into Windows.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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