[Samba] How to list windows print shares?

Kyle Davenport kdd at tvmax.net
Sat Mar 29 18:39:40 GMT 2003

	In windows when I browse the corporate windows print server it 
automatically shows me all the available printers.   Is there any way to 
do this from linux?

	I've tried twiddling with smbclient -L server-name, (with my domain 
login), and the printers show up off my own samba server, but not the 
windows server.

	The only thing I found in the documentation was about accessing a 
windows print share, defining them 1 at a time.  This is not feasible 
     at my company which has several thousand printers.  (Of course, I 
don't need to print to all of them.  I am researching an enterprise wide 
output management system like HP's Dazel, but which will run on linux - 
suggestions appreciated!)

Any help appreciated,

Kyle Davenport

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