[Samba] Sync NT to Linux pwdump/nt-groups

Jenny Eastman jennybug at cyberspace.org
Sat Mar 29 13:57:38 GMT 2003

Is there a way in which i can run pwdump on Linux (without dosemu or
I have a cron 
job on NT which runs rdist /S to generate the Sam backup in the Repair
folder. I Then copy this file to Linux. I need to run pwdump now and
get the userid's. I also need to extract the group information.
I dont think pwdump extracts that. Is there some way i can get this
info too.

The reason for the groups is that on NT if someone needs mail/web access
the admin on NT adds him to the Web/Mail Group. However the proxy/mail
server is a linux box. If i could extract this info on Linux i can then
add the user to my squid-proxy-allow file.It also allows me to auto-sync
users on NT with Linux and block some users from mail/web.

I dont want to run pwdump.exe on NT because 
1. after decryption i need to copy it over sshd and i dont want to install
sshd on NT. or any other package for that matter.
The NT box is being managed by some REAL newbie's so other than a basic
install of NT i dont want them to install any thing else.

Is there some way i can extract the SAM file also directly onto linux
without using the rdist mechanism. I can provide the Administrator
password and do the transfer.

Hope you can help

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