[Samba] Re: solaris swat problem

Ronald Ronald at wssource.com
Fri Mar 28 19:00:07 GMT 2003

ok guys,

          figured it out. this says its all.
1198:  execve("/usr/local/sbin/swat", 0x0002C408, 0xFFBEFDE8)  argc = 1
21198:  chdir("/opt/samba/2.2.7a/swat")                 Err#2 ENOENT
         we are using 2.2.8 going to fix. :)

"Ronald" <Ronald at wssource.com> wrote in message
news:b61sn9$t6s$1 at main.gmane.org...
> To All,
>          ok. now i have problem and dont know why swats not loading up. It
> used to work but now its not loading up at all. we upgrade to 2.2.8 and it
> worked fine for about a week. and then one day i went to check it out and
> nothing. rebooted the box the other day and still nothing. even though
> wouldnt have been the solution. i looked in /etc/services and
> /etc/inetd.conf. and everything is setup fine. i can do a netstat -an and
> shows port 901 is listening. swat is in its right path i just dont have a
> clue where else to look. i check the logs but there really isnt much in
> there either. Any help would be much helpful. if anyone needs more .nfo
> please drop me a email.
> Thanks everyone and anyone for there help.
>                         Ronald
> Ronald at wssource.com
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