[Samba] solaris swat problem

Ronald Ronald at wssource.com
Fri Mar 28 16:19:54 GMT 2003

To All,

         ok. now i have problem and dont know why swats not loading up. It
used to work but now its not loading up at all. we upgrade to 2.2.8 and it
worked fine for about a week. and then one day i went to check it out and
nothing. rebooted the box the other day and still nothing. even though
wouldnt have been the solution. i looked in /etc/services and
/etc/inetd.conf. and everything is setup fine. i can do a netstat -an and it
shows port 901 is listening. swat is in its right path i just dont have a
clue where else to look. i check the logs but there really isnt much in
there either. Any help would be much helpful. if anyone needs more .nfo
please drop me a email.
Thanks everyone and anyone for there help.

Ronald at wssource.com

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