[Samba] XP Pro / Redhat / Samba Printer Suggestions

Joel Hammer Joel at HammersHome.com
Fri Mar 28 18:58:05 GMT 2003

I have a lexmark Z53. Lexmark supplies linux drivers for this machine. So,
all you have to do is send postscript files to the queue and all prints
nicely. You can do maintenance functions from linux.

It gives very nice photo quality prints, too.

This is so simple that I simply don't know why everyone just doesn't
buy this lexmark model and forget all the aggravation.

The only problem I had was printing from windows clients using the
lexmark windows drivers. You have to turn off two-way communication in
the lexmark driver configuration. I don't use lexmark windows drivers
anymore. I just use a fairly generic postscript driver (HP Laserjet III +
or something similar.)

You could leave the printer attached to the windows box all the time
and use smbclient to send print jobs to the printer.


> I am looking at buying a new home office printer and wondered what you all
> might suggest.
> My current printer is a very inexpensive Canon BubbleJet, and I find it
> clogs frequently, has very small ink tanks, and the Maintenance functions
> from my XP clients does not work with samba, requiring I switch the printer
> cable to an XP machine for maintenance.
> My config is this:
> - XP Professional workstations (printing via samba)
> - RedHat 8 Workstations (printing via lpd)
> - Redhat 7.3 Server (wanting to upgrade to 8.0 ASAP)
> - Samba 2.2.7a
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