[Samba] Re: WinXP Pro passwords

wkc wkc at tarapine.co.nz
Thu Mar 27 19:56:25 GMT 2003

>Problem description
>When changing the password of an existing user or adding a new user they
can not logon from a WinXP Pro machine.  Existing users >can logon OK from
WinXP Pro and Win98.  New users, and those with password changed, can logon
from a Win98 machine
>(smbclient \\\\server_name\\share_name -U user_name works OK).  I have
started an stopped samba but it makes no difference.

Just to let everyone know I have found a work around to my problem. It may
help others.

1    on the server set the sampasswd to a blank (use smbpasswrd)
2    create an account on the local (WinXP Pro) machine and log on as the
user you need to change
3    Ctrl-Alt-Del and select change pasword
4    set Log on to to the domain (Not the local machine)
5    change the password (use blank for old password )
6    log off and then log on to the domain



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