[Samba] Does "active directory" support include policy support

Lasse Riis riis at braarup.dk
Thu Mar 27 08:53:04 GMT 2003

Well, a rather odd subject, but I couldn't really express it differently.
I would simply like to know if the active directory "emulation" of 
samba+openLDAP+kerberos or samba 3.0 includes support for policies.

I have a bunch of XP clients that I need to set some restrictions on. 
But it seems the days of config.pol files are over, so i need active 
directory support on my PDC. Having read several articles on active 
directory, I still don't understand it fully, but articles about setting 
up active directory on a samba pdc mentioned only partial support for 
active directory(only some features supported).

So before I start crashing our server with software and configuration, I 
would like to know if (group)policies are supported by active directory 
on samba. If this is the case, I'd also like to hear if anybody has a 
working setup of it, and maybe some links (I couldn't finde any) to 

Lasse Riis

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