[Samba] no route to host between Mac samba and Linux samba

Kyle Loree kyle at caisnet.com
Wed Mar 26 17:00:58 GMT 2003

jmreymond at free.fr writes:
>I have a mac running Mac OS X ans samba 2.2.5 which is provided by
>Apple. The Linux server have samba 2.2.8 (the last one). Sometimes, in
>the server logs, you have:
>[2003/03/26 14:26:30, 0] lib/util_sock.c:read_data(436)
>   read_data: read failure for 4. Error = No route to host
>in this case, the Macclient  lost the samba connection and has to reboot
>because a silly error (Mac error: -47, % macerror -47
>Mac OS error -47 (fBsyErr): File is busy (delete) )
>I don't understand the no route to host message because the error occurs
>only once (or 2 times) per day   !!!!
>the problem occurs even if netatalk (appletalk) is not running
>some suggestions ?
>Jean-Max Reymond
>derniËre Èruption de l'Etna: http://jmreymond.free.fr/Etna2002

Apple machines work way better on a half duplex connection, it must be
forced on the switch and then the machine will accept it, or you can get a
util from versiontracker called "cocktail"  it will let you set the mode
of the en* controller.

do you have the lastest software updates on?

I think this is a more mac side error than a samba prob.
perhaps we should look into getting a apple-samba list going.
god knows it could have helped me a while ago.

Mac's are getting better, open source may save them.
they have to find a way to update better though.

good luck, I hope that kinda helps.

Kyle Loree
Rendek Communications
Kyle at caisnet.com

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