[Samba] no route to host between Mac samba and Linux samba

Jean-Max Reymond jmreymond at free.fr
Wed Mar 26 15:03:35 GMT 2003

I have a mac running Mac OS X ans samba 2.2.5 which is provided by
Apple. The Linux server have samba 2.2.8 (the last one). Sometimes, in
the server logs, you have:
[2003/03/26 14:26:30, 0] lib/util_sock.c:read_data(436)
   read_data: read failure for 4. Error = No route to host
in this case, the Macclient  lost the samba connection and has to reboot
because a silly error (Mac error: -47, % macerror -47
Mac OS error -47 (fBsyErr): File is busy (delete) )
I don't understand the no route to host message because the error occurs
only once (or 2 times) per day   !!!!
the problem occurs even if netatalk (appletalk) is not running
some suggestions ?

Jean-Max Reymond
dernière éruption de l'Etna: http://jmreymond.free.fr/Etna2002

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