[Samba] Issues with home shares and W2K and MS Office

Dan Tappin dan.tappin at orourke-eng.com
Wed Mar 26 16:15:37 GMT 2003

Our office is running Samba 2.2.x on Red Hat 7.x

We have a mixed bag of Win98 and recent W2K clients.   The new W2K clients
have no trouble connecting to the current shares including a home share:

	comment = Home Directory
	writeable = yes
	read only = no
	browseable = no
	create mode = 0600
	directory mode = 0700
	hide dot files = yes
	veto files = /desktop/
	veto files = /.*/
	inherit permissions = yes

The problem is that when running MS Office 2000 (Word, Excel, Outlook etc)
the W2K clients can't access their home share.  They are given a 'You do not
have access to the folder '\\Fileserver\w2kuser\'.  See your administrator
to access this folder' error message.

The users are forced to save to their desktop and manually copy these files
across to their home share.  This is not an issue on Win98 at all.

Any ideas out there?  I have searched the lists and can't find an obvious



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