[Samba] 2.2.8 - Permissions display differently

dowlime dowlime at kapl.gov
Wed Mar 26 16:00:51 GMT 2003

We were using 2.0.6 on a SunOS 5.6 server, using domain security in an NT domain, and have upgraded to 2.2.8 for the security fix.  Now, when the file permissions are displayed on an NT client, ACL's are only shown for user/group/other if there are R,W, or X permissions.  If u, g, or o have no rights, the ACL is not displayed for them. 

in 2.0.6, with a file with r--r----- permissions (440), the NT permissions display would have an ACL for the owner with R permissions, an ACL for the group with R permissions, and the Everyone group would show as O for no permissions.
In 2.2.8 with the same file, the NT permissions dialog only shows an ACL line for the owner, and an ACL line for the group, but NO ACL line for Everyone since they have no permissions
If a file had r-------- permissions, there won't be an ACL line for the group either.

In addition, we can't "Add" an ACL for the ones not displayed - In other words, in the first example, we couldn't Add the Everyone group with R prrmissions to give world read.

Is this normal behavior in 2.2.8, or should we see the same displays as before?
How can we get the displays to show as before, or what might we have missed?

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