[Samba] Re: Fw: share a folder rw, but not deletable?

Marco De Vitis starless at supereva.it
Wed Mar 26 14:59:57 GMT 2003

On Wed, 26 Mar 2003 02:38:43 -0600, Brian Wiese wrote:

> I've tried setting the directories with the sticky bit (i) with "chattr +i
> dir/" and that didn't work... as now the users could not r/w data within
> the directory.  I don't want the directories to be renamed or deleted. 

I solved a similar situation this way: I changed the mode of all files 
in the share to 666, and dirs to 1777 (that's 777 + sticky bit). This 
means that anyone can read the contents of the share, but they cannot 
delete or rename any file or directory and they cannot edit the contents 
of any existing file (exception made for one user, the owner of all 
files and dirs, who can do anything).

Anyway, everyone can add files and dirs, but I also used these two 
force create mode = 666
force directory mode = 1777

Then, every night, an automated script sets the privileged user as the 
owner of all files and dirs in the share.
So, if someone adds a file or dir, he has the possibility to delete or 
edit it for the whole day; then, the next day, the objects he added are 
"locked" again, just like the rest of the share.

The only difference, in your case, might be if you want to allow users 
to edit existing files. I do not have a solution for this... you might 
remove the sticky bit from the directory containing the files to be 
edited, but this will allow other users to also delete or rename subdirs 
contained in the same dir.


..."The Glimpse", Trilok Gurtu 1997

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