[Samba] Unable to join Win2k to Samba Domain

Jean-Eric Cuendet jec at rptec.ch
Wed Mar 26 10:03:51 GMT 2003

We have a network of about 20-30 win2k machines in a Samba 2.2.7 (RH7.3) 
domain. All are joined OK.
 From yesterday (no idea what changed...), I'm unable to join new 
machines in the domain...
The message from win2k is "The specified user doesn't exist".
I join using the root user which is valid (able to connect to shares 
with this user). If I type a wrong password, I have a messsage "Wrong 
user or password", so I think that the error message "The specified user 
doesn't exist" is not related to the root user used to join but to the 
machine name. But the machine name exists (I used WKS21) , was added to 
the smbpasswd file (with smbpasswd -a -m WKS21). su - WKS21$ works as 
I don't understand what could happen....
And in the mean time, all the other workstation works like a charm! They 
are all in the domain and works well!

Any idea?

Jean-Eric Cuendet
Riskpro Technologies SA
Av du 14 avril 1b, 1020 Renens Switzerland
Principal: +41 21 637 0110  Fax: +41 21 637 01 11
Direct: +41 21 637 0123
E-mail: jean-eric.cuendet at rptec.ch

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