[Samba] Can't reach Samba shares from Win XP Pro

Dennis O'Neill dmo361 at swbell.net
Wed Mar 26 14:49:26 GMT 2003


If you did a standard RH8 install and enabled the firewall, it may be 
blocking access to the shares. To confirm this, just drop the security 
level to none and see it the share appears under the Samba server name 
on the XP system.

Good luck,


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Subject: [Samba] Can't reach Samba shares from Win XP Pro

This seems to be common enough problem. I've used a variety of methods 
(command line as well as utilities like LinNeighborhood) to mount XP 
shares on my RedHat 8.0 running Samba 2.2.7. I get consistent problems 
the other way around. Despite a couple of shares on my Linux partition, 
I am just unable to do get to it. Network Neighborhood shows my 
Linux/Samba server but no shares, nor can I explicitly map the share to 
a Win XP logical drive.

While troubleshooting by reading Sam24hc13.qxd (an extract from an 
excellent book, I might add), I found that I run into trouble trying to 
use "nmblookup -B <broadcast address> <Samba machine name>". The same 
command works fine if I give it the names of my two XP machines. I 
somehow suspect this is the main reason why I'm having troubles 
elsewhere. Does anyone have an answer?

Srinivas Murty

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