[Samba] NEWBIE : Configure Samba

Alain BACH alain.bach at laposte.net
Tue Mar 25 07:57:47 GMT 2003

Hi all,

1st, sorry for ask those questions one more time on the list. I
desesperately type to install Linux and (of course) Samba on my home
network. I have 1 server, running W2K pro who should migrate to Linux asap.
The 2 workstations are running W2K pro and would stay with this f... OS.

My questions :
1. The nicest way to use accounts seems to use the Linux accounts and to
synchronize them with Samba. wich parameter shoud be used for that ?
2. In such a case, Linux can (or must) be PDC of a Domain. How does samba
know wich role it is running ? I looked for browing.txt fil on my computer
to learn more about OS level but I didn't find it.
3. Of course, my printer is connected to the server and the datas are on
this machine.

Is there anywhere a basic but running smb.conf file who could help a newbie
like me ?

Thank's for all

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