[Samba] A samba document manual project

Raj Saxena rajan at ipisland.com
Mon Mar 24 17:45:11 GMT 2003

Hey guys,
        After rolling out samba 2.25-10 as a pdc which is the stock samba
with redhat 8.x. I am going to document and make a manual with screenshots.
The key items i am going to do are as follows

Document with screenshots for every step of the way.
Explain what is happening when you join a domain.
What to do when things don't work. Where to look what else to try.

There are features that I have not implemented so if anyone has there
documentation expertise would be of great help.

Why another manual? Although many of us do know how to do it i think another
manual that has been beta tested and checked before it gets published makes
a difference. I have seen many docs on pdc but there was something or the
other missing. Being a sys. admin we all say rtfm!! but there are times one
just wants the answers asap and its not possible to find it.

So my expertise is based on redhat on x86,I will address win pc's that are
nt4, xp and win2k.

If anyone is interested to participate i would like to have folks that are
running something on aix,irix, sun, bsd and others, to participate. Yeah i
know we all don't have that much free time. Neither do I but i think for a
lot of newbies who put a post up here can refer to this manual. I don't have
a deadline but i know that i can publish at least what i have on the fly as
we are putting this together.

Please respond to me on or off the list with the subject samba manual.



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