[Samba] Ext3fs/ReiserFS Performance Enhancing

Gareth Davies gdavies at willowbrook.co.uk
Fri Mar 21 16:03:39 GMT 2003

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> I tend to agree.  Perhaps a duplex mismatch between hub/switch and NIC?
> How long does it take to copy a 5MB file from one local drive to the
second local drive (not involving the network)?

I also concur.

I just tested a 16mb file copying to a Winbind authenticated SAMBA share
using Ext3fs and it took around 3-4 seconds.

Copying between 2 SAMBA shares on the same machine took about 12 seconds.

Copying from the share back to the Win2k machine took 4 seconds.

Gareth Davies
Willowbrook I.T.
Ext. 235

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