[Samba] Ext3fs/ReiserFS Performance Enhancing

Larry McElderry larry at ptcoupling.com
Fri Mar 21 15:45:04 GMT 2003

I tend to agree.  Perhaps a duplex mismatch between hub/switch and NIC?  

How long does it take to copy a 5MB file from one local drive to the second local drive (not involving the network)?

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> Finding out how to tune the EXT3 journaling method would be good.  That
> information has eluded my searches as well...
> However, before you fiddle with your file system, you should really
> investigate what your problem really is.  Unfortunately, you assertian
> that you do not have network problems because you can download a file
> quickly is not at all true.  Many network problems can affect traffic one
> way moreso than the other.
> There is no reason that writing a 10MB file to a Samba share should take
> more a 10 seconds. (Mine goes in a bout 5 seconds, and my Samba server
> hard drive writing speed is actually *very* slow)  If it's taking you over
> a minute to transfer 5 MB, something is very very wrong.
> On Fri, 21 Mar 2003, Robert Adkins II wrote:
> Hello All,
> 	I have been doing some research to find a method to increase the
> performance of writes to the hard drives in my servers. I am running
> Samba and all writes to the server hard drives are taking at least 3 to
> 10 times (It varies) the amount of time it took to write such files on
> our older Windows NT 4.0 File Server.
> 	The following information is provided to keep this issue on
> track...
> 	It is not a NIC or network issue. Reads of files from those
> drives take place almost instantly. I have been able to copy an entire
> 700MB CD-ROM ISO image off of the server in less then 3 minutes, yet
> writing a 5 MB file to the server will take approximately the 3 minutes,
> or more. I have also optimized the smb.conf file as best as it can be.
> This resulted in a gain of approximately 15 seconds.
> 	This happens regardless of how busy the server is in serving
> files to other users as I have tested this while all PCs were in use on
> the network and also when none were in use.
> 	In some of my searching, I have read that ReiserFS has faster
> write performance then Ext3FS. So, I blew away the "share" partition on
> our test server, recreated that with ReiserFS and rebuilt the share. So
> far, I have only seen a few seconds of speed increase. (The other odd
> thing is that the Windows Explorer file copy progress bar is much more
> consistent to the ReiserFS share then the ext3fs share.)
> 	I have a few ideas about why there is a slowdown and a few ideas
> of what could possibly increase performance. However, I am at a loss as
> to how to implement those changes or how to verify that they are even
> possible. (Except by asking this list.)
> 	My Google searches have come up dry with actual methods (ie.
> Commands to look at or actually use.) to implement some performance
> enhancements. All they say are things like, change ext3fs's method of
> writing the journal from the stock "conservative" method to the much
> faster, yet slightly dangerous, method. There is just no mention of how
> that is done. I have read through the man pages and there is nothing
> that leaps out and says, "This is the command that alters the ext3fs
> journal method."
> 	From what I read, so far, about the two journaling methods it is
> a VERY acceptable risk for the potential performance increase. (It is
> even more acceptable if it can be setup only to affect the share
> partition, which is also its own separate drive.)
> 	There are a few other ideas that I have, but after thinking
> those over, they would likely be far more of a hassle then they would be
> worth.
> 	Are there any suggestions for increasing HD Write performance,
> while still using a journaling FS? At this time, I do not have the
> resources and additional funds to rebuild the hard drives using XFS or
> JFS. So, it has to be ReiserFS or ext3fs.
> 	Thanks for any assistance!
> Regards,
> Robert Adkins II
> IT Manager/Buyer
> Impel Industries, Inc.
> 586-254-5800
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