[Samba] Windows machines to samba over internet

Jim Wharton jwharton at acpafl.org
Thu Mar 20 16:24:30 GMT 2003

Before I explain this to you, I want you to understand that this is a
horrible idea. With that said... you need to allow ports 137-139 TCP/UDP
through your firewall.

Be prepared for every 15 year old in the nation to start using your new
"public storage" for their mp3 collection. Even if your shares are password
protected, you will still have problems.

The VPN route is a much better approach. It involves a little more setup at
first, but then it is just like having the remote computers on your network.


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> Sirs,
> I have afew machines trying to connect to a samba share running on a
> linux computer.
> In the local network works fine but I have a few remote users 
> that need
> access to that share over the internet.
> What can I modify on the samba or on the windows machines to 
> succesfully
> connect to the share, without getting timeout errors?
> Thanks,
> Erick
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