[Samba] HowTo: Samba 3 w/ ads and acl working

Rick Segeberg rick.segeberg at waterford.org
Tue Mar 18 19:08:02 GMT 2003

Just wanted to thank those who have helped me (knowingly (such as Andrew
Bartlett) and others unknowingly) get Samba set up to work with MS
Active Directory and with ACL support working.  As is typical in lists
like these, there are way more requests than thanks.  Being in the IT
industry, I know personally the never-ending deluge of help requests and
the seemingly very short list of thank you's.  So..........

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!---->>>Kudos to the Samba

I know there are a lot of others trying to get similar things working,
so I've posted my notes for those who are interested.  It's a
compilation of several month's worth of work.  This is my attempt to
give back.  It's pretty rough (so no flames please) and I need to do a
lot of clean up.  I've gotten requests (off-list) for help, so I'm sure
there's someone else out there that might benefit even if it's a little

Here's the link: http://www.netmechanix.net/linux/index.html

Thanks again.

Rick Segeberg
Provo Site Manager, IT Department
The Waterford Institute
rick.segeberg at waterford.org


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