[Samba] printer admin

Patrik Carlsson pc at hig.se
Mon Mar 17 22:47:32 GMT 2003

Hello List!

I I'm still having problems with the rpcclient, but I have another
question which maybe be the solution...

I have one smb-server (2.2.8) which is the printserver, and it has joined
the domain. There is another samba-server (2.2.5) who is PDC.

When samba is checking who is the printer admin, is it asking the PDC?
And would I do something on the PDC?
And it is a bit confusing when the man-page on samba.org say's that the
printer admin is a service parameter but I have seen some posts that says
it is an global parameter... (I've tried both but nothing changes..)

Our Unix-accounts is in an NIS-map.

Or could it be a problem with the SID?
I have reinstalled the samba (actually a couple of times...)

I can do rpcclient -U pc -c enumdrivers printserver
but not rpcclient -U pc -c enumprinters printserver

I can send log-files and smb.conf if requested...

Patrik Carlsson

Patrik Carlsson			Högskolan i Gävle
Driftsansvarig, IT-enheten	Kungsbäcksvägen 47
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