[Samba] Samba vs Windows SAK

Khanh Tran khanh at slc.edu
Mon Mar 17 21:41:31 GMT 2003

I was typing my two cents on the whole Win2k/Samba discussion and about to
post it.  I was going off about the ASP support and the filesystem, RAID and
drivers, TCO and time-to-market, blah blah blah...  Then I get this email
from CERT and decided to trash the whole email and just give everyone a nice
link and let them decide if THIS is what they really want as their appliance


This is only one of many for those who don't deal with MS servers on a
regular basis.  Just search CERT for "IIS" and you'll see.  I thought they
had whole teams of IT people testing these things so the OEM didn't have to,


Khanh Tran
Network Operations
Sarah Lawrence College

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I wasn't looking for a response to Microsoft. You're right, they could care
less what the linux community thinks. What I was looking for was a response
for those who might be trying to make a decision about whether to invest in
Microsoft SAK based product, or whether to try using a Linux+Samba based

The fact that we *could* demonstrate these things (but haven't) is not
sufficient. Not to me, not to those who might be deciding.

As far as truth goes, I couldn't disagree more. Truth is relative; truth
changes over time. It is affected by what you see, hear, read, and believe.
can affect your truth; you can affect mine. If it weren't true, there would
no point at all to marketing.

So you know of nothing, then, that counters Microsoft's arguments?


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>On Mon, 17 Mar 2003, erx wrote:
>> Has anyone seen this:
>> And has anyone from the Samba team posted a response? It seems like some
>> the information presented there is contrary to what I know about Samba.
>Why reply to Microsoft? What will it achieve?
>As things stand we can demonstrate that they are not in touch:
>	- Not with their own customers
>	- Not with Samba capabilities
>As to 'Truth' - customers make up their own minds on that one. No one can
>prove 'Truth' to anyone.
>- John T.
>John H Terpstra
>Email: jht at samba.org

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