[Samba] Re: XP "logon failure" but still logs on -- no roamingprofile

Brian White bcwhite at precidia.com
Mon Mar 17 14:37:02 GMT 2003

> I remember another post where applying the "critical updates" was
> actually the cause of the problem!? can't remember all the details..but
> something about auto-application making incorrect assumptions.....
> hope this is of some help, regards

Okay.  I guess the next thing to do is try with a fresh installation and
then see if it occurs again as elements get added.  Since this was my
first attempt at using XP (or any networking of an NT kernel, for that
matter) it didn't really follow any strategy.

It has had a few software packages installed on it and CygWin to boot (I'm
trying to get Amanda to work).  It's possible that one of these is causing
a local file access conflict.

> ps: I like your ideas in logon.bat. Do you have any suggestions/ideas on
> the best way to implement password-age, password-history in Xp/samba
> domain?

Thanks.  I've noticed that XP has provisions for requiring passwords to
be changed, but didn't look in to it at all.  Perhaps a small script which
sets the necessary registry entries?

Our password-expiration policy here involves me going around once
a year and beating on people's heads to give me new passwords which I then
enter in to a program that goes and changes them in the half-dozen or so
places where it's stored: nis, samba, mysql, windoze, etc.  <sigh>

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