[Samba] Single shared directory, with a universal password

Rashkae rashkae at tigershaunt.com
Mon Mar 17 01:06:08 GMT 2003

Create a user on your Samba Box, create a share that is accessible to that
user, then use the username parameter so that whatever user the Windows
client sends, Samba will check the password against the user you created.

Mar 16  8:04pm

They hang the man and flog the woman
That steal the goose from off the common,
But let the greater villain loose
That steals the common from the goose.
  --English folk poem, circa 1764

On Mon, 17 Mar 2003 indy at SDF.LONESTAR.ORG wrote:


I am using Samba "Version 2.2.3a-12 for Debian" on a Debian 3.0 system.
I have looked at lots of Samba documentation and have not been able to
find anything explaining what I need. I want to create a single directory
on my Samba server that is ok for any user (e.g. 'guest ok = yes'), but
is password protected. Meaning, I want a share that any user can access
as long as they have the password to that specific directory. I haven't
seen how to do this anywhere, so any assistance that you could offer
would be most appreciative. Thanks a lot!


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